Warranty & Returns

ROFY Stick Warranty & Returns

ROFY guarantees your satisfaction and stands behind all of its products when used under normal conditions. Composite field hockey sticks purchased from RofyFieldHockey.com are covered under warranty for 3 months for edge hitting and 6 months for general material faults from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted. 


Sticks are guaranteed against defective production ONLY. We will repair or replace a stick that is broken during normal play. Examples of a broken stick are shaft broken in two pieces or head that has detached. This does not include general wear and tear, grips, end caps and paint chips, scratches and nicks, worn heel or loose material inside composite sticks, rattles or vibrations which are the result of normal use, or any other cosmetic damage that does not affect the play of the product. ROFY also will not replace sticks that have been damaged due to hard front-edge hitting, a skill that is illegal under the rules of hockey. 

Your stick is intended for use on a playing field and for striking field hockey balls ONLY. Your stick is not intended for striking other sticks, benches or goal posts, or for use on unconventional playing surfaces. Damage resulting from such misuse will not be covered under ROFY's warranty. 

Warranty coverage will be determined exclusively by ROFY Field Hockey USA. ROFY cannot guarantee the warranty of your product until it is inspected, and determined to be under warranty.